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We offer A, B & C Services to our customers. Services are carried out to all manufacturer's recommendations. We also incorporate our own 130 point checklist. Some of the checks are

Shore Power Diesels LTD Shore Power Diesels LTD
  • Engine oil and fuel filter replacement
  • Load test batteries
  • Pressure test cooling system
  • Test antifreeze concentration
  • Check brake linings and adjust
  • Check clutch and adjust
  • Check steering & king pin joints for wear
  • Check drive shaft & gear shift linkages
  • Grease all points
  • Carry out general under body inspection
  • Steam clean
  • Road test


We sell & fit Truck/Car tyres at a competive prices & also can carry out wheel alignments

Shore Power Diesels LTD Shore Power Diesels LTD
    • Truck Cam alignment machine
    • Double Coin
    • Hankook
    • Falken
    • GT Radial
    • Bridgestone


The brake tester measures the braking force produced by each wheel on the vehicle, right to left and axle by axle. It then measures the weight and rolling resistance of each axle. The result is a safety and efficiency report that identifies brake performance issues and high rolling resistance conditions.

Shore Power Diesels LTD Shore Power Diesels LTD


Shore Power Diesels LTD

Our workshop is an authorised WOF site so you can get your WOF while your vehicle is in the workshop. Which saves you time and money


Not having your clutch checked regularly can cause more permanent damage - parts will wear more quickly and get to a stage where the vehicle will not drive.

    • Clutch adjustment
    • Clutch replacement
    • Flywheel machining
    • Spigot bearing replacement


    • Brake fluid replacement
    • Brake adjustments
    • Brake lining replacement
    • Brake machining- Discs- rotors & drums
    • Brake cylinder re-kitting & replacement
    • Brake calliper services- Re-kit / overhaul
    • Brake Pad replacement
    • Brake shoe replacement
    • Servicing of all air & hydraulic brake systems
Shore Power Diesels LTD Shore Power Diesels LTD Shore Power Diesels LTD


We carry out exhaust work, WOF & COF Repairs, replace belts, bearing replacements. We also carry out full brake repairs, full clutch repairs. We are able to carry out welding repairs, and minor electrical work. We rebuild engines and transmission and differentials. We have specialised machines for brake evaluation, steering & suspension components, and under carriage inspections. We are able to do Pre-purchase inspections.